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5 Great Tips for WordPress Beginners


1) How to Add Headings & Importance of Headings for SEO

The Heading 1 ( also known as <h1 tag> ) is the most important tag in your post or page for SEO purposes.  So you want to make sure that your post or page has only 1 of these tags. The title of your post or page is usually an <h1> tag but that is determined by your theme. Fro example, on this page the title above “10 Great Tips for WordPress Beginners” is an example of a Heading 1 or <h1> tag.

The header tags should always be added in hierarchy order from h1 to h6. For example the subheading above “How to Add Headings & Importance of Headings for SEO” is an example of a Heading 2 or <h2> tag.

Click on this Headings Styles link and watch the 1 minute video titled “Heading Styles” for step-by-step instructions on adding a heading in your WordPress visual editor.

2) How to Add Hyperlinks and the importance for SEO

Hyperlinks are links to other pages or posts on your site or on another website. Hyperlinks are very important for SEO purposes. Creating hyperlinks to popular websites will boost your SEO rankings in search engines like Google. Having other websites with links to your site (called backlinks) is also extremely important for SEO. When adding a hyperlink, make sure that the hyperlink text and title are both descriptive and relevant to what you are linking to.

Click on this Creating Hyperlinks text hyperlink (no pun intended) and watch the video titled “Creating Hyperlinks” to see step-by-step instructions on how to add a hyperlink.

3) How to import content from MS word

Importing content from MS Word is very easy on WordPress and can save you a lot of time. However, if you import items on MS Word that have complicated formatting  ( like tables and charts) do not expect these items to be imported perfectly. Most of the time you will need to revise the imported content.

Click here and watch the video titled Pasting from Word

4) How to Add images optimized for Speed and importance of a fast loading page

Images are great for SEO. However adding too may images or LARGE images on 1 page or post can slow down your page or post and cause your viewers to click away from your website. Before adding an image to your WordPress website, make sure the image is optimized (as small as possible). Here are some tips for optimizing your images:

  • Use JPG format instead of PNG when possible since JPG format is more compressed
  • Use an image editor like Photoshop Elements to view the size of your image before you save it and upload it to your site.

Here is a series of Videos on working with WordPress Media Images and Media Galleries

5) How to Set the Featured Image and how to Fix Featured Images appearing twice in WordPress posts

The Featured Image is a special image used by themes to display the image in a particular area of your website. Normally, the featured can be added by clicking on “Set Featured Image” located at the bottom of the right column while editing a post. However, some themes will change the location of “Set Featured Image” so you might have to look for it while editing. Where and how the featured image is actually displayed after you publish your post is determined by the theme.  A common mistake made by WordPress beginners is adding a featured image to a post and also adding the same image to the body of the post (using the editor). If you do that, you will not see the image twice while editing the post but that mistake will usually cause the image to be displayed twice when you view the published post. To fix the duplicated images issue, simply remove the featured image or delete the image that you added inside the editor.

Click here to view video on how to Set Featured Image