Free WordPress Video Tutorials – Working with Posts

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WordPress Tutorials: Creating, Editing, and Deleting Posts

Want to learn how to work with ‪WordPress? We have over 40 continuously updated, high quality, WordPress video tutorials. These videos are provided to all our paying members. Register now for as little as a $5 one-time fee.

The following WordPress video tutorials will train you on how to add a post, how to edit a post, how to trash a post, and how to restore a post.

How To Add a Post

A WordPress video that teaches users how to Add a Post which is the same as writing a post or writing a new blog entry.

How To Edit a Post or Page

A WordPress video introducing users to the WordPress editor to edit a post or page.

How To Trash a Post

A WordPress video teaching users how to send a Post to the trash.

How To Restore a Post

A WordPress video teaching users how to restore a Post from the trash.