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Yesterday there were two major releases in the WordPress world. One release was the WordPress 4.0 update, also named the “Benny” version. Another release was an update to the popular plugin Google Analytics by Yoast .

guinea-pig-for-software-company wordpress 4..0 plugins Google Analytics by Yoast

There is no doubt that both of these updates contain a lot of new features and enhancements that will be beneficial to your WordPress website.  However, the question is:

Should you have updated to WordPress 4.0 and to Google Analytics by Yoast V5 soon after the releases were announced?

We say NO and here’s why: neither of these two releases were “security” releases that contained any major fixes to bugs or security holes. Therefore, we suggest that you should always wait 24 to 48 hours before updating to a non-security related release of WordPress, theme, or plugin.  If you are one of the first to update, you might encounter problems with the release and essentially become a guinea pig or test rat for the software company. Why subject your website to any new problems that a release might contain if you can wait to update?

A little over 29 hours now after the release of WordPress 4.0, we have so far not seen any major problems being reported by people that have updated to WordPress 4.0 .  However, today the Yoast company sent out an email stating the following, “The release yesterday wasn’t entirely as smooth as we’d want it to be, but it looks like all the major bugs have been fixed now. We’re working hard on our release process to make sure we prevent issues like that in the future.”  

Whatever “bugs” were contained in the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin released yesterday could affect your website. At this moment, Yoast has released another update ( version 5.0.5) to fix those “bugs” in V5 of the Google Analytics plugin. Sorry Yoast, we love the WordPress products that you make, but we have to tell it like it is.

So the moral of the story here is: do not become a guinea pig for a software company. Wait at least 24 hours after a major release of any plugin, theme, or WordPress core files if the release is not marked as critical by the software company. And always, and we mean absolutely always, perform a FULL backup of your website before performing any update.