We get asked a lot whether WP VIP Services can be used to maintain a WordPress site hosted on WordPress.com. The answer is NO. We can not offer our plans to websites hosted on WordPress.com due to limitations on WordPress.com.

However, we will move your website for FREE from WordPress.com to a self-hosting service if you sign up for our professional $99/mo plan.  And you are free to choose any hosting provider and we do the rest. We will even get WordPress.com to move your domain name and also to copy the subscribers to your new hosting provider. In order to move your site from WordPress.com we will need to login to your WordPress.com account and your written permission to move the site. The amount of time it takes to move the domain name and subscribers is mostly up to WordPress.com.

If you have a business site, we highly recommend moving the site from WordPress.com to a self-hosted site so you may have total control over the site. After all, it is your site and you should be able to monetize it in any way possible. Check out this blog we wrote a while ago on the Pros and Cons of a Self-Hosted WordPress website vs WordPress.com website.

If you want to get techie and move your WordPress.com site yourself, here’s a great video tutorial from WPBeginner showing you how to do it:

Updated March 06, 2018