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WordPress 3.8 Release – December 12, 2013

As per WordPress’ blog, “WordPress 3.8 – Introducing a modern new design”

wordpress 3.8 new modern look responsive dashboard

Post Updated on December 12, 2013 16:46 EST ( As noted by Mark Jaquith at – see comment on this post – WordPress is not performing auto updates on major releases like 3.8 and the future 3.9  As of now, auto updates are scheduled to be done only on future minor releases like 3.8.1 ) 

This WordPress 3.8 release is all about the look and feel of the WordPress Dashboard, which is the back end used by WordPress administrators. We love the new changes and improvements that have been made. Most of all administrators will love how the Dashboard is now “responsive” on mobile devices. Previously, WordPress administrators had to rely on the WordPress mobile Apps because the full blown Dashboard looked very awkward on mobile devices. With this new release 3.8, administrators will be able to login to the regular Dashboard on mobile devices and feel right at home.

Back in October, WordPress Released version 3.7.1 and with it came auto updates. We still think that letting your website get auto updated by WordPress is a bad idea because the WordPress update can cause a conflict with your existing plugins or themes and cause your website to crash or not work properly. If you have a business site, every minute that your site is down or not working properly equals a potential loss of clients and/or loss of money. You should always perform a full backup (database and files) of your website before doing any updates to your website. We wrote an entire blog back on October on what steps you should take before updating your website and also on how to turn off the “auto updates” by WordPress.

If you did not turn off the WordPress auto updates prior to today’s WordPress 3.8 release, you are probably too late and your website has been updated. If that is the case, check your site to make sure everything is working fine.  Since WordPress 3.8 is a major release, you will need to manually update it.

Here’s how to Disable the WordPress Automatic Updates before the next WordPress minor release:

Disabling automatic updates in WordPress requires that you add the following line of code in your wp-config.php file:


As with any release of WordPress, WP-MONITOR recommends that you do the following:

  1. Disable automatic updates in WordPress by adding the following line of code in your wp-config.php file:   define(‘AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED’, true );
  2. Perform a full backup of your website before upgrading.
  3. Check all your plugins and active theme and verify with manufacturer that they will work with this new release.
  4. Once you know the theme and plugins will work, update to this latest version of WordPress.
  5. Update your active theme if necessary.
  6. Update all your plugins if necessary.
  7. Test your entire site’s functionality and make sure everything is working.
  8. If something is not working, perform a full site recovery from your full backup.


What are your thoughts on the new look of WordPress 3.8? And do you think that auto updates by WordPress for minor releases are a good idea?

(All of our WP-MONITOR paid plans take care of all WordPress Core updates for you so you can sit back and relax an not worry weather an update will crash your site. We take care of all the WordPress Maintenance and WordPress Monitoring for you. Take a look at our affordable plans and give us a try for free for 30 days. )